Bergen county Bankruptcy Attorney: Life After Bankrupcty

Despite the fact that we are six years after the recession. People are still struggling with their bills. We are often seeing that despite people finding work the pay is not the same. As a matter of fact people are probably making less that what they used to make 10 years ago.

I do see signs of recovery when I speak to past clients from which we keep in touch. People always have the fear that once they file for bankruptcy they would not be able to get credit or that nobody will hire them because of their credit history. These fear has keep them tramped with their debt for so many years.

I feel like sharing some of the success of people who filed for bankruptcy and have move on to prosperous  lives.   After their bankruptcy we have clients that now are able to rent without a guarantor, have gotten homes, and cars. I have also clients that become employed because they were not trapped with their debt and thus more appealing towards an employer. People don’t realize that not having that stress of unsustainable debt over their shoulder have stopped the from achieving their goals.  Now we meet them we consult with them as to opening a business, buying a home and moving on.  I can honestly say that nobody has regretted their bankruptcy.

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