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Joint Venture Agreements in New Jersey

Joint Venture Agreements in New Jersey: Ruiz Doolan Law Firm Business Lawyers.

Getting into Business with a Friend? You may need a Joint Venture Agreement.

I) What is a Joint Venture Agreement?

A joint venture agreement is a contract made between two or more individuals or companies to be in a joint venture.  People who create a joint venture agreement want to collaborate on a project while remaining independent. For example: Company A and Company B want to enter in a joint venture agreement for the specific purpose of building houses.

II) Consideration and Planning for A Joint Venture Agreement:

When planning to enter a joint venture agreement there are a few factors to consider:

1) The Form of the Joint Venture: Will the joint venture be in the form of a partnership, LLC. or a contract between companies.

2) Scope of Business

3) Ownership and Control

4) Dissolution

5) Assets

6) Governance

7) Management

8) Budgets

9) Disputes

10) Taxes

11) Financing

12) Breaches

13) Debt

14) Transfers

Without a properly drafted joint venture agreement the parties can be severely under-protected both as to their rights  and as to their asset protection

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Business Attorneys in Bergen County New Jersey

Business Attorneys In Bergen County New Jersey

Why Getting and Outside General Counsel is Cost Effective

Star Ups and Small Business are more than 50% of employers in America.  They have to maintain their inventory, their employees and the payments on track in order to succeed. Having their own in-house counsel  is just too costly.

The problem for a lot of this small companies and start-ups is when they try to do the legal work themselves. We see people with no legal background trying to file lawsuits, writing agreements and really getting themselves in a lot of trouble by not getting legal help.

For example writing non-compete agreement, is not as easy as you won’t copy with me sign here. Choosing your corporate entity, bylaws, articles of formation. An attorney can help you because it would save you from a lawsuit in the future. In the construction world we see small contractors performing work without contracts and getting into a Consumer Fraud Act Violation.

As Business Attorneys in New Jersey, the Ruiz Doolan Law Firms, can help small business and start-up deal with their legal issues at an affordable rate.  You do not need your own  in house counsel.  For more information about our services please contact us at (201) 880-5563

Buying an Existing Business

Buying an Existing Business
by Fabiola Ruiz-Doolan, Esq.

For some entrepreneurs buying an existing business can be a less risky proposition. There are many good aspects to buying an existing business such as reduction in start up costs and inventory. There are also some downsides like business debt and issues with current employees and management, in addition purchasing cost may be much higher than the cost of starting a new business. This is why doing your due diligence before buying an existing business is very important.

Once you have found a business that interests you, it is important that you do your research. How much is the business worth? We always recommend our clients to get a professional to make that determination. Other examples of issues to consider are contract and leases, financial statements, property documents, customer lists, sales records, advertising materials, employee and manager information and contracts. You should also review the business tax return so you can assess profitability and tax liability.

Buying an existing business is not an easy task it is always recommended to get professional help of an attorney to review the legal and organizational documents of the business. In addition an accountant can help with a thorough evaluation of the financial condition of the business.

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