Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce
By: Marina Ginzburg, Esq.

Sometimes Divorce is inevitable. Following that painful decision, parties have to decide how they will go from making the choice to divorce to actually divorcing.
Everyone knows that you can go to court and litigate; many people also know the alternative which is mediation. There is however a third option now available known as collaborative divorce. The process, although not new, is not as common in New Jersey as litigation and mediation.

Collaborative divorce is the collaboration of groups of experts that guide you through the divorce process without the intervention of the courts and with you and your spouse being in control of the outcome. The collaborative divorce “team” can consist of a financial expert, collaborative law trained attorneys for you and your spouse as well as a psychotherapists and accountants. In the end this process should be faster and cost you less then litigation. The most important aspect of this process is that you are not dealing with it alone, as you have a group of experts to guide you and you are in charge of your final agreement.

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