Consciously Uncoupling The Friendly Divorces

As divorce attorneys we find that our clients tend to be drained by the whole process. When we discuss what is going to happen during the divorce proceeding they often find themselves perplexed by the acrimonious nature of the events that are about to happen.  We discuss child support, property settlement agreements, alimony, visitation, etc.  Is there a better way? I think there is and that is mediation.

Mediation is the process in which two parties come together and work an arrangement with a impartial third party.   When I suggest this to my clients I get the same question all the time. Can this work? My answer is a redundant yes.   Many times we have seen families burden economically and mentally by divorce. A marriage is a commitment of two agreeing adults. If the adults can come again to work to their disagreements and work something out then they can avoid the cost and the mental anguish that the process of divorce can cause.

Realistic speaking this is not for everyone.  There are times that couples differences overwhelm them and certainly this is where going through the divorce process is the better way. Mediation is for the couple that can work their differences and certainly and can consciously uncouple and remain civil to each other. Not everyone is going to get they want but certainly they can agree and control their personal situation.


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