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Our Landlord Tenant Lawyers offer a full-service landlord-tenant practice for the benefit of clients throughout the New Jersey. The relationship between a landlord and tenant is a complicated area governed by statute and case law. The New Jersey Courts are very adamant about protecting both the landlord and tenant rights and therefore require proper notices and compliance with the law in all matters.

Whether you are residential landlord or a commercial landlord whose tenant is not paying rent, or violating other lease conditions we can help you. We pride ourselves in offering quick, efficient and knowledgeable representation and understand that each day’s delay can result in lost profits and as well as other liabilities for the landlord.

Our Landlord Tenant Lawyers are also skilled trial attorneys and are experienced in going before Bergen County and other Northern New Jersey trial courts.  

The Anti –Eviction Act protects non-owner occupied residences with more than two rental residential units. Among the seventeen allowable grounds for removing the tenants are:

  1. Nonpayment of rent.
  2. Disorderly tenant.
  3. Gross negligence and damage to property by the tenant.
  4. Habitual late payment of rent.
  5. Tenant uses the property for illegal purposes.
  6. Tenant violates terms of the lease.

Knowing the difficulties and nuances of New Jersey Law, we offer the following services:

  1. Filing eviction actions for nonpayment of rent and other statutorily allowable grounds.
  2. Sending Notices to Cease and Notices to Quit to tenants to comply with the statute.
  3. Filing holdover eviction actions
  4. Drafting comprehensive residential and commercial lease agreements.
  5. Negotiating settlements between Landlord and Tenant
  6. Filing actions in court for back owed rent or return of security deposit.
  7. Handling instances when there is an illegal apartment.

We also handle wrongful eviction actions as well as other matters involving the protection of tenant rights.

Contact our Landlord Tenant Lawyers for more information of our services. 

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