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Traffic Tickets Lawyers in New Jersey

Our Traffic Tickets Lawyers are experienced in handling all types of municipal court matters to get the best result for their clients.  Traffic violations are a common occurrence for anyone who drives on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they often result in serious consequences including suspension of your license, monetary fines, increased insurance premiums, and even community service in certain cases.

We handle the following types of cases:

  1. Speeding
  2. Tailgating
  3. Failure to follow traffic signs
  4. Reckless or Careless driving
  5. Driving with suspended or revoked license
  6. Driving without liability insurance
  7. DUI/DWI

Why do you need a Traffic Tickets Lawyer?

Harsh Penalties:  Traffic Violation New Jersey has harsh penalties, can increase the cost of insurance and can lead to license suspension. For Example:

Failure to observe traffic signals (39: 4-81), failure to  keep right (39: 4-82), failure to observe directions of a police officer (39: 4-80) and failure to stop a traffic light (39:4-105) are all simple offenses that can result in harsh penalties such as points, fines and in some cases jail time. Depending on where and when these offenses were committed, pleading guilty can cause severe damage to your driving record.   Reckless driving (39:4-96) adds an astounding five points to your record, in addition to fines.

In Driving with suspended or revoked license, penalties include mandatory fines, surcharges, additional loss of driving privilege and the possibility of jail time for second and subsequent violations.

Our experienced Traffic Tickets Lawyers can help you obtain the best result for your situation.

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